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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I lay in bed at night and see the crystals wishing that have a camera to take pictures of the crystals that form on the window.....but it is ALWAYS downstairs! But today I was joking with my niece and needed to send her a pic so I used my phone and it looked SO COOL that I ran downstairs and got the camera and WOLLAH here is three pictures at different angles.

The colors on this picture vary due to your computer settings.

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The New Puppy Necklaces

Laineys Christmas necklace is Fun. It has 2 bells that hang from the center. This necklace is ALL Glass beads. There are large Green glass, small red & green marble and Swarovski Crystals. ALl the colors of Christmas..Red, Green, White. After all your your Baby wants to dress for the Holidays Too!!

This piece measures 14 inches long. The end has a dog shaped head and bone toggle. Such a cute way to close this necklace.


Unique is the word for this doggie necklace!! It is made with Many different textures...velvet like material covers the Red and Black beads followed by large green glass brads surrounded by silver beads caps. Than there is oblong red glass lamp beads with a white design on them. Than Silver Stardust beads nestle inbetween. Swarovski crystals finish the beads on this piece. The ends are cloesd with a silver heart toggle that also has a red bell hanging so your Baby can jingle all season long!

Laineys Christmas necklace measures a little over 12 inches long and is made on stainless steel nylon coated wire.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New M n M Doggie Necklace

Here is the M & M Doggie Necklace its soooooo cute!!!

Pink and White M n M candies will look so adorable around your babies neck, I just hope no one tries to eat them! When you hold them there is NO chocolate mess. This is truly unique and ONE of a kind! Let your baby be the one lucky enough to wear it.

These little M and M's measure 10.5 inches long. These are made of polymar clay and strung on stainless steel nylon coated string. I also have strung silver stardust balls and Pink and Clear Swarovski Crystals. The closure is a silver heart shaped toggle.

**CAUTION** These necklaces are NOT intended to replace your pets collars. PLEASE use only as decorations!

I will Donate 5% of all sales to Research to Protect, Treat and Cure animals. In honor of my babies Tasha (who didnt survive cancer) and Chloe who did.

NEW Christmas Necklaces and one new Photo

NEW Necklaces will be coming tomorrow!! Two of them are for Christmas and one is a pink n white m-m candy necklace. in the meantime here is a NEW picture to hold you til morning!

It has been a hard season….I had to put my baby Jade (my oldest four legged baby) to sleep she was 14….it seems like she was the last link to my daughters childhood as well as my offspring! I used to breed Labs and I had Jades Mom and Aunt….My dad had one of My baby’s too and so did my sister in law……so it was VERY hard to let her go I just hope that I made her life a good one while she was in my care.

I also have been learning the steps to being an online business. The last year all I did was create my doggie lines and kitty lines and Human lines aka breast cancer jewelry. I created and created and created like crazy!!! I did craft shows, christmas shows and things just didnt seem to move like I was hoping them to!!! UGHHH!!!!

Well I made signs for my shows which helped….and the whole biz cards, flyers, brochures, got cute packing EVERYTHING bags, stuffing, lables WITH paws…STILL didnt help…..

But I kept pushing (its a fault or strength not quite sure which) dont know when to stop (good or bad!?!? you tell me)….beating my head against the wall I would go to other sites….am I asking too much….NOT enough…some sites with the same type jewelry asking anywhere from $30 to $150 MORE for the SAME jewelry….the same stones I would yell in my head like ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS!!! I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR YOU BEADS!!!

But than I fell in a bunch of GREAT women and One of the girls has the heart the size of Texas!!!! She has guide me and given me some HUGE leads and BIG ideas and SMART intellegent directions…(good thing I can follow directions pretty well) I would LOVE to THANK HER Publicly for EVERYTHING she has done to help me! (or as public as my page is going to get) HeHe….

Another bunch of girls pointed me into the worls of Photo Editing (which I could lose myself for DAYS and DAYS!!! always my unfulfilled passion) these programs have helped me with my listings and my website…as I cant or wont doctor up those pictures I want people to see EXACTLY what they are buying….I do use the program tho to introduce the item and then once you click on it other pictures come up that are clearer.

I am growing but i STILL HUGELY have my training wheels on…or as I say “I am still a work in progress!”…..I want more than ANYTHING to help people pamper their babies as MUCH or in STYLE as I do… and I feel in my bones that this is how I can do it…It would like to make a success so I can donate more money to Morris Animal Foundation to help research and one day cure Canine Cancer since my Tasha baby died of Canine Cancer!

Well I am off to upload some new photos…..and they look quite awesome if I must say so myself….and I do!!!! They are black and whites….which will be going in my spare bedroom!

Goodnight and in case I dont see you (as Truman would say) Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Goodbye!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

the NEW Blankies are HERE!!!!

This cute little yellow doggie wants to hang out and keep your baby warm and comfy! He is playing everywhere on this blankie. There are plaid bones and balls on this black background fleece print with yellow on the other side.

This is a nice size for your Doggie...measuring in at 31 x 22 1/2. You can also just throw this in the washer and dryer with no problems...VERY low maintenance.

I hope that your doggie likes to play!!

I will Donate 5% of all sales to Research to Protect, Treat and Cure animals. In honor of my babies Tasha (who didnt survive cancer) and Chloe who did.

These little dalmations are just adorable and waiting for you to bring them home to your little baby! The colors are just like the, black and white.

This is a nice size for your Doggie...measuring in at 28 x 22. You can also just throw this in the washer and dryer with no problems...VERY low maintenance.

There are LOTS of little puppies waiting for a new home and you dont even have to house train them!

Your Kitty will LOVE to snuggle with this blankie! The cute pictures of kitty's are adorable...and the colors are soft...pinks, blues, purples, hearts and flowers!

This is a nice size for your Kitty...measuring in at 29 x 23 1/2. You can also just throw this in the washer and dryer with no problems...VERY low maintenance.

I hope that you have room for a few more Kitty's!

check out my site at either or

Friday, December 5, 2008

GOOD Morning!!

Off the path a little bit I have been messing with my pictures...I lLOVE to keep a little bit of my beautiful flowers with me all winter long....get tired of the snow and I can just look at my walls and there they are! I got a new editing program sooo I have been pkaying and playing and could hold myself up for days...but alas I must eat and sleep and play with my Lainey girl sometime!!

here is another one

oh and here is the black n white one!!! looks like liquid silver.....well i guess thats enough for now....I must go and design a new Christmas Doggie Necklace for some LUCKY doggie whose human loves them!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Learning the biz

Well I first want to say that anyone who visits my website that reads my blog will get 15% off if you just type in is I try to put a new picture up everyday...I do have a flickr account also that has more pictures.

I worked on my marketing skills...working on twitter, even though i have NO idea what I am doing. I have a friend helping me and some of the things she says sounds like Charlie Browns teacher talking....I'll get it it will just take me a while longer!

I had NO idea about networking and how using this principles online would help my has taken a year but I finally am getting more knowledgeable. First steps are getting the site..picking your name your email your domain name...its alot and I just thought that word of mouth would just take its course...but NO!!!! Since I have been putting in literally anywhere from 6-10 hours everyday for the last month did I realize HOW hard it is to do this AND to be disciplined enough to work at home and stay focused!

Well I am off to bed I will write again soon!! OR

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is a necklace to pamper your baby with for the holidays! Come check out my webiste for MORE Beautiful and Unique ways to pamper your baby's! or

CYBER Monday 30 % off EVERYTHING

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am offering for CYber MOnday 30% off all of my items from my website for ONE day only Monday December 1, 2008! Please come check us out and use "cybermonday" for the coupon code.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My first steps as a blogger

I have NO IDEA what I am doing (which I am sure everyone says in the beginning) but here goes...

I thought that I would write about how a Mom deals with an ONLY child growing up.

My daughter is 21 and it astounds me how FAST time seems like just yesterday that I was holding this innocent, beautiful creature in my arms looking into her face with such amazement and my heart a million times the size it should be. Having her look into my eyes knowing that I am her whole world. Than I blinked and somehow she is now 21 and out in the world looking for her person to make a life with and create her own children to look at with the same amazement.

People say to me "its time to look for grandchildren"....but they have more than ONE child and are ready to let go because when they let the first one go they still had one more or two or etc. at home. But when you have an ONLY child you experience EVERYTHING for the first and last ALL at the SAME time. That is something that cant be explained to someone with more than one child just like it cant be explained how you love EACH child the exact same amount to a person with only ONE child.

(Warning I have a tendancy to jump around so sorry ahead if its hard to follow me).

My child is TRULY my one miracle as I have lost 3 babies and was LUCKY enough to have her...but I had and HAVE (always hoping a late in life miracle could happen) wanted more than One child....other people in my life have had way easier times concieving but NOT me. I also tried for over 4 years to concieve from 39 to well NOW which is longer than 4 years...but my age is NOT important right now......

well I am going to take a break for now gather thoughts on exactly how to write things I shall return!!
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