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Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 DAYS LEFT TO WIN this GingerBread DogHouse

You still have 5 days to win this GingerBread DogHouse!!

Every Order Placed from November 26th 2009 through December 15th 2009 will be entered to WIN THE GINGERBREAD DOGHOUSE!!!

Orders Over $50.00 get 5 entries :O)

You may also earn one entry if you refer a friend (and they USE your name) who orders. *** I will TRY to get it to you Before Christmas Eve! Good Luck :O)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here are some of Laineys NEW Holiday Cookies .....

... AND Cookie Jars & Stockings & other things :O)


~*~ BASKETS ~*~


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas cards for Noah Biorkman

"Noah is in the last stages of a 2 1/2 yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer.The family is celebrating Christmas next week and Noahs request is toget lots of Christmas cards. Lets get him some! Noah Biorkman 1141FountianView Circle South Lyon, MI 48178 or email Please spread the word.....Bless you! ♥ thanks Jennifer Fink Perrin......♥


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


IN HONOR OF MY JADER GIRL ..... Angels & Hearts ... I miss you Still & Always! ......

I miss that you kept the time for us...NEVER to miss that 5 O'clock bell in your stomach...which started earlier and earlier the older you got. I miss your smileing face and that your WHOLE back-end wagged NOT just your tail....I Miss your tail wagging PROPELLING you up the stairs bouncing from side to side.....up EACH stair, and that towards the end helping you up the stairs and the view was a human butt with a tail between the legs just waggin and waggin.....I miss that you played football till the last weeks and by football I mean a plastic remnant of what was ONCE a football...but it was yours. I miss that Watching you nurse off of EVERY nipple as you were the ONLY surviving puppy! You took advantage of EACH & EVERYONE of them!! would say 8 nipples NO waiting. We called you Elvis as MOST people thought you were a boy because you were so large. I miss that I KNEW you would NEVER run away as you KNEW WHERE your food was and kept a respectable distance for quick access. You never needed a collar or leash....but wore a pretty one anyways. I miss hearing you HOWL or Sing some might say while Niki played the Harmonica, that you were a sister to Niki because she didn't have one....Chasing bubbles, getting cookies from Dorothy, Snuggling, Kisses, hugs, licks....YOU...I JUST MISS YOU Jade.... I hope you are having fun with your Mommy Noel and your Aunt Tasha.....Call it selfish but I still want you here with me! ANGEL HUGS to you my Jader Girl XOXO

In Honor of Jade I will have these Cookies of Angels & Hearts to Celebrate your Babies Life. Whatever that may entail for you! A 10% donation will go to Paws Chicago In Jades Name from these Angel Cookies. What a great way to Celebrate & help out babies who have no furever home yet.

These cookies will are made with Apples & Cinnamon. You will receive 10 Angels and 10 Hearts.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laineys Cup of Cookies

This is a Special Cup of Cookies as Mommy AND Baby get to share this gift! Mommy gets the Plate and Cup to use when ever needed! Baby gets the cookies that come with the Cup!

This Beautiful Cup and Plate are from Pampered Chef, so by Me purchasing them we have ALREADY donated once! I will also donate 30% of this sale to Morris Animal Foundaiton.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lainey Special Edition Breast Cancer Scarf

This scarf is ABSOLUTELY ONE of a kind!! It has over (80) 6mm pink and AB clear Swarovski crystals. Half of those are a less used round cut opposed to the usual bicone shaped crystals. I have knitted the crystals into the 2 strand yarn. One yarn is a sparkle eyelash to add even more sparkle to the crystals. This measures approx 3 inches wide and 68 inches long.
I have tried several times to get a good picture with some of the swarvoski crystals but they just dont photograph...maybe the crytals are shy hmmmm.

~A 40% donation of this sale will be made to Spirit Survivors at Alexian Brothers Cancer Institute.~

I ALSO HAVE different sizes WITHOUT the crystals

This scarf is from my Breast Cancer Line. This scarf is VERY soft and stretchy. It is made with a pink sparkly eyelash yarn hand knitted along with a boucle yarn in colors of dark pink, light pink, rose and cream. I have four of these scafs. They all measure 3 inches wide but all lengths are different they are as follows: 1*58x3 2*71x3 3*78x3 4*80x3.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebrate "PAWtober" for our furry babies....who ALSO battle Breast Cancer.

Morris Animal Foundation

Pet Lane Pet Items

Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Celebrating Pawtober

For the month of October, Lainey & Chloe of Lainey's Pawtique are teaming up with Lisa, Rich & 4 legged babies Rio, Raven and Thor to Celebrate "PAWtober" for our furry babies....who ALSO battle Breast Cancer. Many of us have lost our beloved pets to canine or feline cancer and The Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals.
During the month of "Pawtober" we are donating a portion of our sales to The Morris Animal Foundation - Morris Animal Foundation

How you can help.....

1. Shop at Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Celebrating Pawtober for delicious homemade doggie and kitty cookies and gifts for you.


2. Shop at Pet Lane Pet Items ***BUT YOU MUST USE PARTY ID #2474 AT CHECKOUT TO COUNT TOWARD THE FUNDRAISER*** for pawsome doggie and kitty toys.Use Party ID #2474 at checkout. If you prefer to shop by catalog please email Lisa at with your mailing address.


3. Shop at both!!
With each order you are also entered into our drawing to win a Prize! Laineys Pawtique will be giving away a batch of kitty cookies and doggie cookies. AZJungle (Health4UandPets) will be giving away 1 kitty toy and 1 doggie toy. When you place your order you will get 1 entry into the drawing. If you order from both sites you will get 5 entries!!

We'd like to thank you for advance in helping us raise funds so one day no pet parent will feel the pain of losing their loved one to cancer.

Woofs and Paws,
Lainey, Chloe, David and JudyRaven, Thor, Rio, Rich and Lisa
Morris Animal Foundation

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Laineys Canine Breast Cancer Blanket

Even our 4 legged babies get Breast Cancer....So what better way to Honor those who have Beaten Canine Breast Cancer and In Memory of those who have not! I Honor one life from each!


Come check us out sometime!!

Laineys Leopard Doggie Blanket

Bring out the GRRRRR in your baby! This is a Large Leopard print blankie...I figured the bigger babies should get a big bold print. NOW they can snuggle up with you in their OWN blankie. Lainey and Chloe (lab) BOTH have their own and they LOVE them.

This blanket is LARGE.. measures 39 X 42

Come check us out sometime!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laineys Halloween necklaces & Fall Scarf

Come check us out sometime!!

NEW Halloween Items at Laineys Pawtique & Bakery

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THANKS Shawnee Shep

I think the way this works is I pass the awards on to five of my doggie friends for their blogs.

Mr. Puggle Since I have met him and think he is just ADORABLE!!

Sylvie & Mugsy over at SylvieDog, Cookie Fiend just because they are My pals too!!

Riley & his Momma & Annabelle & NEW brother Titan Beacuse they are GOOD people and Anipals and we just LOVES them!!

Rocky and his EVER GROWING brood....Because his momma gave my mommy encouragement about me!! She knows why!!

Buddy well just LOOK at him...He is ADORABLE and his Momma is a sweet human!! AND they LOVE to help out anyone they can :O)

Stop on over and give these friends of mine a woofout at their blogs!

Come check us out sometime!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

~NEW~ Laineys Heavy on the PeanutButter Cookie

You asked for them I listened!! These cookies are LOADED with peanut butter...did I say LOADED! SO if you LOVE peanutbutter, THESE are for you. Also even tho there is Milk in these cookies you MAY want a side glass :O)

I put a HINT of carob in them just for a touch or Chocolate. Lainey went SO NUTS for these cookies....she was willing to eat them uncooked and tried!!

Come check us out sometime!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Pampered Travels

SO we were off to first meet MR. Puggle in PERSON!!!! He was SOOO cute (thats mommy talking....okay shhhh I thought he was cute too) BUT I was being my Prissy self. It was Funny tho because he did ALL the things that I usually coming from NO where to steal a cookie (I would NEVER do that! *looking around for Mommy) ...Running circles around the furniture and stopping to nose butt innocent bystanders...(this time ME...DIDN'T like the role reversal)...playing with the "Laser Red lite" (I couldn't be bothered, I was at a new house I cant act like a CRAZY dog)....I did pose for a few Photo's tho....DONT know how many were of my BUTT as I kept moving....Hehe I couldn't be a total Priss!!

I cant wait to visit again...I think I will play more the next time....cuz Mr. Puggle is ADORABLE!!

Than it was off to Auntie Pam's house for cousins Randy (two legged) and Zippy (four legged)Birthday's. We had a FULL day it was Hot & than it rained....we BBQ'd in the rain...Snarked a Hot Dog...Sang Happy some Birthday cake...Human AND doggie (did I tell you I am quick). Than we swam...NOT my favorite but tried to please the Mommy!! Floated around in her arms..i LIKED that!

Than daddy said it was time to go home...HEY I am STILL WET!!! so Mommy put my on my Traveling Pillow (ummm YOU DON'T expect me to just lay on the PLAIN car seat DO YOU!?!?! see pictures) and covered me up with a jacket and it was Sleepy time til we pulled up in front of the house....

Mommy That was A LONG story JUST to post some pictures.....hehe She is sooo silly :O)

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am a work in progress with these cakes. I will get better as time goes on...but its fun getting creative with the designs....NEVER in my life did I think I WOULD BE A BAKER!!! and here I am :O) Here is my friend Sylvie (click on her name to see her story!) it was her birthday So she was my FIRST picture cake!! Cakes will be offered alone or in a decorative box And/or with a reusable shipping box!!! Well i hope that you like this...

Come check us out sometime!!

NEW Lainey's Kitty Kookie Dishes

~Here is another addition to our Kitty line. These dishes come with a mouse, Kitty Kookies and the Dish. They come in Pink and Silver~

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

NEW Laineys Kitty Nips

I am Finally getting cookies for the Kitty's around here....took a while but I think they Kitties will be happy!! Here are pictures of the NEW Kitty Nip cookies These will drive your Kitty Krazy with the Nip inside each Kitty shaped Kookie! There is lots of dry milk in these...they may just ask for a bowl of milk for dunking!!

Come check us out sometime!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Donations for the month of August North Shore Animal League America

I was thinking yesterday as I was going through my MASSIVE pile of Mail. I saw how MANY Donation requests I get every week and have been saving. So I thought why not pick one every month and that will be who I donate a percentage of my sales! I will announce at the begining of the month who the lucky group will be. This way I am helping AND I dont have to feel bad for throwing them away and NOT helping!

So for the Month of August Here is who I have chosen North Shore Animal League America. So 5% of all my sales for the Month of August will go here!

So when you order from me you are not only giving your babies delicious cookies...but helping out some other Puppies!

Come check us out sometime!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

~NEW~ Kitty Kookies!!

FINALLY after being asked and asked I have made Kitty Kookies that MY Kitty if SHE likes them than Hopefully YOUR KITTY will too!!! We have gotten Paws up from several members of our Kitty community, @TheoTigsy @petiethecat, @Babypatches! Thank you for being our taste testers!!

There are Several flavors to choose from....Turkey & Chicken Florentine, Chicken Tuscany Souffle, Chicken Florentine, Salmon Tuscany and Yellow Fin Tuscany Tuna! Also ALL have the "NIP" in Beware hehe!

UNLIKE my doggie cookies, THESE are NOT human grade...which just means Mommy's & Daddy's NO taste testing!!

Come check us out sometime!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

OMD ITS HERE ITS HERE!!!!! Laineys NEW Picture Cake & Cookie Line!!!

HERE is the NEW LINE of Custom Cakes & cookies that I have been Announcing! Cakes and Cookies with YOUR Babies Pictures on them!! Here is A sample of the Cake...Cookie will come Next week! WATCH for MORE DETAILS!!!

The cookies will come in a pack of 12 and will come in a Pink tin and shipped in a Pawprint box! The cake..I am STILL looking for a tin to fit all shapes of the cakes.
MORE details will be available soon!

***Picture on Cake is WAY CLEARER in person***...I THINK that it is Camera Shy!!! hehe

Come check us out sometime!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


PUGGLE Lovers we need to Unite and Vote for our favorite Puggles and get them into the Top 20 on the Twitterwall!


Here is a list of Puggles
@@laineyspawtique (NO PICTURE GRRR)

here is a list of Pugs

Signed all the Puggles!!!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lainey Sings for French Fries!

This is a video of Lainey Singing for some fries....she is also PAWING the plate closer to her...I always say "If she HAD thumbs, We would ALL be in trouble!"

Right after I stopped the camera Lainey tried to CALL, turning my phone on twice! I dont know WHO she was going to call . . . Food Police Maybe :O

Next she jumped ON the table. . . JUST to HELP clean up! (right?!)

Come check us out sometime!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lainey & Chloe Getting NEW Bully Sticks!!!

Lainey KNEW as soon as the Mailman came that there was SOMETHING in that bag!! she even opened the bag herself....she took out her pretzel to. My little pooh she is precious, and My good Girl Chloe so PAtient she is, Just waited for me to give her hers :O) okay here is the VideoCome check us out sometime!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award from My Furend Riley!!

Here are the rules:

1. Post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you;

2. List seven things you love;

3. List seven blogs you love;

4. Comment on those blogs and let them know you've given them the award.

So here are my seven bloggies I chose for this award:

1) Sylvie Dog

2) Buddy the Puggy

3) Rockum Sockum

4) Harlow

5) Mr Puggle

6) Lou & Pebbles

7) Lola

And here are the seven things I love:

1) Giving kisses.

2) Stealing Food

3)Taking Naps with Mommy Under the Covers

4)Playing catch with my toys and Sister Chloe

5)Sniffin and Sniffin outside

6)Sitting on my Perch Watching people & Doggies walk by

7)Taking Naps

Come check us out sometime!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Grandpa's Swearing in Ceremomy

Celebrating Marine week and the Swearing in of Officers for the The Marine Corps League, Kevin Clarke Detachment of Tinley Park, Illinois AND Memorial Day and Our Troops Abroad!!

Commandant Frank Mulcahy (my Grandpa!)

check us out sometime!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Things Remembered Bracelet is Here!!

I just wanted to show everyone my New Bracelet! I also wanted to Thank Jessica for Hosting the giveaway and Things Remembered for offering the bracelet! It is beautiful and I am So glad that I WON!!! I wear it in Honor of my Mom for Mothers Day!

Come check us out sometime!!
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