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Saturday, March 13, 2010

♥♥ Laineys Pawtique is Donating 50% of Sales ♥♥

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that Starting Today & Until Easter Sunday I will be donating 50% of All sales towards the next Baby that Needs a "pull fee." So they can have a 2nd Chance at LOVE ♥ and LIFE

I wanted a way to help out the babies who DON'T make it out of shelters due to no money to pull them out or needing a ride somewhere ... so I figured this was my LITTLE way of helping. I hope to help at least ONE baby .... a Star Fish for someone else.

Plus its Spring & Easter and isn't it all about Re-Birth?? Why not a Re-birth so to speak for a Baby trying to get a new family???

Come check us out sometime!!
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Letter to My Furry Friends & Their Humans

Me & Mommy just wanted to touch base with all of you and tell you a little bit about where we have been & what we have been doing. (Okay I am NOT going to lie ... I have put MANY hours on the couch this winter!!)

In October Mommy took a temporary job to help out with my 2 legged sister at a Night Club. It just started out with Thursday Friday and Saturday (much to my dismay!! Howling & Pacing did NOT make her stay home either!) She was able to keep up with her twittering, facebook, blogging, friendships and MY FAVORITE....BAKING!!! But than 2 legged sister added 2 more days (tuesday thru saturday) and than Mommy found it hard to keep up. The hours are 9pm to 3-5am and lets throw in some insomnia too! Can you say Grouchy?! I CAN... shh don't tell mommy I wrote that-oh YEAH she is typing this for me SORRY Mommy.

December & January brought me a new sister as you may have read. Her name is Autumn, Mommy calls her, "her Little StarFish" Like HELLO she doesn't live in the water grrr whatever. She STILL won't let my parents love her...she came from Humane Society of St. Joseph County in Indiana, they rescued Autumn from a puppy mill. Mommy cried the first night we had her (me TOO but for TOTALLY different reasons...) as she realized it would be Autumn's VERY FIRST time in her three and a half years of life, sleeping CAGELESS!! Mommy also says that Autumn has Pro's & Con's of living with us. Con's are ....(in Autumns voice) They want to hold me, Pet me, Kiss me and Love me ... Pro's are F.O.O.D.!!!!! and All Day Long too! I say as long as I don't loose my PRINCESS~QUEEN status.... or my spot on the couch.... She can stay! January also brought me my cousin & Mommy's Nephew Alex home Safely from His yearlong Tour of Duty in Iraq and than his Marriage to Christina, 2 Legged sister Niki's Birthday AND the Sad Loss of A cousin, Michael.

Now we are in March and Mommy's time is nearing its end (*wiping tears with paws....Yeah who am I kidding!!! I am happier than a ..... Puggle in a bag of dog food....WHAT it could happen!) She says to be honest, she will miss the extra money as Mommy is sure everyone can relate these days. Even the Cookie Fairy can use extra "Magic Cookie Dust!" B.O.L.!!!

she also wanted to say that even tho we haven't been as strong a presence as she would like as of late Mommy HAS been Very Busy behind the scene's. Coming up with many ideas at the coat check table and MANY Napkins filled with drawings & Notes. Daddy says Mommy doesn't need a file cabinet ....She needs a napkin holder!! YES Daddy can be funny and YES this letter started on a napkin!! HAHA She has also been trying to find a different way to donate to shelters to help "Spring" babies on death row... ANY ideas here would be Welcome & Appreciated We are also working on a new website design (finally came to mommy in a dream) and with that comes a New Business card to match and FINALLY a logo! (okay the logo is still a work in progress) We have been working on new recipes (by WE i mean Mommy bakes and I taste!) looking for new flavors ... trial error MY GAIN!!! Idea's for the new "Lainey's Bones" Money and a "Frequent Buyers" program. Researching what us Babies can and cannot have! Mommy also started a Premium Cookie line (two words here YUM & ME!!) another project thanks to Sarah Wolk from KittenRescue was a Wedding Shower Cookie Basket. Instead of the Bride getting the cookies...her Baby did!

Mommy misses you all, sharing stories, idea's, Jokes (she says to mention Mike Kunkle & Goodfellas here Ummmm whatever THAT means) attending #pawpawtys, getting to know NEW furry friends and their parents. We will be back full force SOON with a new look to follow and MANY new goodies taste tested by ME Autumn & Chloe of course......Okay Daddy too!

Well in closing I say Tootles for now!

HoOoWwWllsS from Lainey
Dictated by Lainey .... Typed by Mommy (yeah you know that whole no thumbs thing)
Chloe sends Love too
Autumn WOULD say HoOWlLSs too but she is STILL to Shy!

Come check us out sometime!!
Laineys Pawtique & Bakery
Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Etsy Store
Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Facebook Fan Page
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